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Unbelievably dedicated and professional. Mr Bota is an operator who is out of this world. When he replied to my initial call out for help, I was skeptical because everyone says "Pick me, I will help you", but rarely do they deliver. Mr Bota has gone absolutely above and beyond what I expected and then some BRILLIANT service, dedication and commitment. I will now choose him each and every time for all my technical and creative works. THANK YOU for restoring my hope and faith with the confusing world of technology!!! THANK YOU!

Helen Poulos

HP Coaching

Sydney, AUS

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I’ve been fortunate enough to help hundreds of entrepreneurs build, launch and grow their businesses so far and won’t stop until I reach the ultimate goal.

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Website + Guide

To help you kick things off I’m giving away a completely free website that my team and I have built along with a how-to guide that will help you customise and publish the website online in no-time. Enjoy!




Is everything you offer really free?

I’ve been through the hard yards, I know exactly what financial difficulties a business faces in the early stages of starting out, it’s the reason I signed up to so many marketplaces and started helping startups all around the world. I want to help get you up and running 100% free. If you have a set budget to invest in a custom development you can hire me and my agency at BCO (if you mention that you are in the very early stages of starting a business you get the startup rates).

Can you help me customise the website?

Yes, you'll recive a guide (how-to videos) along with the website which will help you custimise the full website with ease. If you need additional help please feel free to contact my agency at BCO.

Tell me a bit more about the website?

My team and I specificly designed the website for any service based business. The platform we used is Wix so anyone even without tech skills can edit the website with ease.

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SEO Report

GMB Report

If you already have a website how about improving your SEO so you rank higher in Google Search?

Need help with ranking higher on Google Maps? How about improving your Google My Business settings?






Who am I?

Just an ordinary Aussie bloke that loves building businesses and has been successfully since 2012. After 10+ years of registered experience, 100+ businesses under my belt and an 8.6 billion dollar client portfolio (12 countries) I’ve learned a bit about business and how I can help you too. I've built this non-profit to give back and help others achieve success. I’m financially free living on the shores of Dalmatia (Croatia) and not even 30 years old. If I can do it you can too.

I did forget to mention that I failed a million times. Actually, my first 6 businesses got me in so much dept that every “normal person” would just give up but I didn’t and guess what? The 7th worked out and helped build hundreds more, and now the 7th is on a mission to help build millions more. Never give up. stay focused and give it your all because you want to get to the success story too. Remember! Failing is good if you keep doing it and never stop because eventually you’ll get to your 7th business too).


Life is never easy when you are after huge success but you got to stay focused and eliminate all the negativity around you. Trust me if I made it after all my fails you can too and I’ll help you do exactly that.

P.s. Looking forward to connecting and doing business with you! 


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